Inexpensive, Modern, Fast

Realize Complex Constructions
More flexible than ever

With full-mold casting, Römheld & Moelle offers a modern casting process for the production of cast iron components. Even complex functional parts with cavities can be produced for you, using full-mold casting, thus resulting in lower costs.

Castings produced using the full mold casting process are characterized by burr-free surfaces. Thus, even complex internal structures can be realized precisely. Mold inclines are not required for demolding, thus rendering material additions unnecessary on the casting. The full mold process therefore offers the designer maximum design freedom.

This enables us to realize complex designs, such as bionic structures or topology-optimized components, almost without any restrictions for you as our customer.

In full mold casting, molten metal is poured into a sand mold. The mold consists of a lost pattern, made of polystyrene foam, embedded in a self-curing molding material. The pattern remains in the mold and is sublimated by the molten metal during casting. The melt completely fills the mold-cavity, and thus takes on the exact shape of the full-mold pattern. After the cooling and solidification of the Casting, our skilled craftsmen remove the Casting from its mold, also clearing it off any adhering sand residues through processes called blasting and grinding.

Full Mold Casting – our Full Service for your Casting Project

✔ Pattern production is very fast. Much faster than with wooden patterns – two weeks vs. ten weeks.
✔ Maximum design freedom regarding iron castings.
✔ Pattern-fabrication costs significantly lower than with wooden patterns.
✔ No pattern storage required. No logistics costs, or pattern damage. Therefore, no storage costs or expensive insurance.
✔ No pattern wear or pattern aging, since the pattern is only used once.
✔ Design changes are purely digital; no physical pattern changes are required – only the CAD-data needs to be changed. Changes can be made quickly, cost-effectively, and between one Casting and the next.
✔ Fast production throughput and short delivery times as there is no need to insert cores or remove the casting flash.
✔ Surface quality determined by pattern foam.
✔ Machining allowances marginally higher than in the hollow molding Process.

Full mold casting is a rapid prototyping process that can be used to very quickly and economically produce prototypes, pre-series parts, individual parts, spare parts, as well as series parts. With our own Pattern-Construction facilities in Mainz (D) and Žatec (CZ), we have become the first address in Europe for complex construction components in, both, full mold casting for automotive engineering, as well as machine tools in general engineering.