Exactly according
to your wishes!
Perfectly planned and controlled production

Full Mold Casting Saves Time and Costs
Highest flexibility in design and delivery time

We are always eager for a challenge: Our customers from the machine tool and plant engineering sector frequently challenge us. They require an absolute quality conformity and they place the highest demands on their cast components, whether it is concerns visible surfaces or the homogeneity of the cast material or the material properties. 

Today, large pattern stores can hardly be maintained economically. Hollow molds that are only used every few years are not only storage-intensive, but they are a strain on maintenance costs, as well. Therefore, in many cases, our full mold castings offer our partners a valuable alternative:

✔ Special machines and individual pieces at extremely low model costs
✔ More economical for pilot series and quantities smaller than ten
✔ Immediate availability of castings without the need to keep patterns
✔ Design changes - e.g., at the start of production – possible without additional costs
✔ No patterns must be kept in stock for spare parts and machines that are only sold rarely

Castings in full mold also offer significant advantages as an alternative to welded constructions: The delivery time is very short, and the molds offer cost savings while our customers are met with consistent quality, especially in the case of complex geometries.

Römheld & Moelle produces large castings for machine tools in component dimensions reaching up to eleven meters in length, five meters in width as well as in height. The unit weights of the large castings produced range from one ton to 38 tons.

Industrial Large-Scale Castings for Machine Tools

✔ Machine Tools

✔ Presses

✔ Mills

✔ Individual Machines

✔ Machine tables

✔ Plastic Injection Molding Machines

✔ Casting Machines

✔ Die Casting Machines

✔ Gearboxes

✔ Marine Propulsion Systems

✔ Large Valves in the Water Technology


Top Quality for our Customers!

Cast components for the machine tool industry require production in our foundry that is perfectly planned and controlled.

Every part of a large cast must meet the quality requirements of the customer immediately – this is by what we measure ourselves! Römheld & Moelle has acquired the corresponding expertise relevant in this field – for over 160 years now. This means that we can handle orders reliably for individual parts, as well, and deliver them on time.

This is what we stand for as a large casting partner for general and plant engineering.

Complex Full Mold Castings and
Hollow Mold Castings for Machine Tools

We produce sophisticated and complex full mold castings, and we offer castings of your provided hollow molds for large castings, and we do offer these at a quality and speed that we are not only proud of, but we which we also continue to improve. We do so to ensure that your production runs smoothly afterwards.

This includes the continuous optimization of our work processes and components. Furthermore, we continue research and development of our processes and component in order to improve material properties, advance the design lightweight construction, as well as optimize manufacturing processes. With this material and manufacturing expertise, we contribute significantly to the innovative success of our machine tool customers.

Intensive cooperation with our customers during the planning and development phase makes possible a smooth project flow, at the end of which we produce perfect results for you as our customer, which we also reliably deliver on time.