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Römheld & Moelle Großguss has been working closely with the automotive industry and its suppliers for decades. We support our customers in the development of innovative solutions, and thus contribute to the optimization of their production processes and vehicles. We provide support as early as the vehicle development phase, for example, with consultations and the assessment of designs. Our customers can rely on our economic and efficient implementation of the wishes and challenges in modern Automotive Engineering, all in order to produce a flawless Casting. The automotive industry is characterized by closely successive product and innovation cycles. These demand speed, punctuality, and the highest quality – all areas in which Römheld & Moelle shows particular strength.

We Have Been Burning For This For More Than 160 Years!

Rapid Lead Times for Large Cast Components

At Römheld & Moelle, the average lead time for large cast components amounts very often to less than 3 weeks. We ensure this through high melting capacities, and continuously improved, ERP-controlled processes. Our customers can have an insight into the production progress at any time, and the progress is fully transparent, thanks to our digital order tracking system. Customers can follow the state of their order anytime, any day of the week, on our digital dashboard.

Uncompromisingly good Quality

We are also known for our uncompromising quality with regard to our products and workmanship. This is guaranteed by our extensive experience and the use of the latest casting technologies and processes. We select only the best raw materials for your large castings and ensure optimum melt quality by using modern and environmentally friendly induction melting furnaces. Our own pattern construction department ensures the perfect shape of the castings.

Foundry Data

  • 6,000 square meters of space to produce casting molds using the cold resin process
  • Large castings in component dimensions are up to eleven meters long, five meters wide, and five meters high
  • Tandem electric melting store for the supply of liquid metal
  • From one ton up to 38 tons unit weight in all GJL and GJS qualities

Our experience and our modern technical equipment enable us to manufacture with a wide range of material variants or alloys.

Seamless transitions in the manufacturing process, punctual delivery of flawless quality (we get it right the first time), and absolute transparency within each individual project phase.

Competent support through casting technology checks and advice, as well as through flow, solidification, and stress simulations.

We use powerful CAD/CAM-systems and have years of experience in handling SOLID-data. This means that even complex tasks can be quickly implemented with regard to the data technology for pattern production.

State-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment ensure the quality of our components, such as spectrometry or various destructive and non-destructive testing methods.

Innovations for our customers, for example, the production of knockable material grades for drawing tools, are realized through the ongoing cooperation of our own research department together with our customers, renowned universities, and other institutes.