Company perfection.

Römheld & Moelle has been around for 150 years and was a family business for five generations.

The company has survived two wars, bombing, almost complete destruction and the reconstruction that followed it; it has been constantly growing for all these years, and since 2014 it has been taking the first steps in a new phase of its company history.

After five generations, the Römheld and Moelle families declared, jointly with BPE from Hamburg, who the company’s successors would be in 2014. Together with today's management, all of the business shares of the iron foundry established in 1859 were purchased by the newly founded Römheld & Moelle Beteiligungs GmbH.

Fields of business

Machine and system construction

For the machine building industry, we deliver construction parts, such as for presses, boring mills, machining centres, die machines, plastic injection moulding and casting machines, crushers, mills, ship propulsion parts etc., from 1 t to 38 t unit weight or 11 m in length. Manufacture is done in the full mould process. Material and construction consulting, component optimisation, technical casting simulation and pattern manufacture are among the services we offer.

Die and Tool Construction

Die and tool construction customers, especially for automobile large die construction, can obtain construction parts for forming dies from our company. For this, we offer a complete service from the transfer of CAD data, pattern construction and die manufacture using the full mould technique in short production times from under one roof.