Die and Mould Construction

The automobile industry is shaped by product and innovation cycles closely following one another. It promotes speed, punctuality and the highest quality - and these are precisely the strengths of Römheld & Moelle.

The average processing time of a construction part is just 21 days. For this, we work with a high melting capacity and a very well-dimensioned melting capacity. By using a schedule tracking sheet, the manufacturing process is accessible and completely transparent for us and our customers at any time. The efficiency of our technology, combined with our ability to react to last minute customer requests at lightning speed, accounts for the punctuality and timeliness that Römheld & Moelle has been famous for for over 150 years.

We are also famous for how uncompromising we are when it comes to product and performance quality. We can guarantee this thanks to our wealth of experience and utilization of the most modern technologies and processes. For production, we only choose the best raw materials and ensure an optimal melting quality by using suitable inoculants. Our pattern construction department also ensures the perfect shape for the castings.

Römheld & Moelle have been working closely with the automobile industry for decades. We guide our customers in the development of innovative solutions and thus contribute to the optimisation of their products and production processes. We support our customers as early as the product development phase with technical casting evaluation of constructions with the goal of creating a faultless cast economically and efficiently, according to the customer’s wishes.

Römheld & Moelle manufacture moulds and moulding dies for the automobile industry. We deliver prototypes, individual components and smallest series from a single source - always quickly, on time and of the highest quality, because our consultation and support covers the entire process chain, from construction and material aspects to casting and production technology. This way, we can guarantee perfect results from the very start, as we have been doing for over 150 years.

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