Our Expertise

Römheld & Moelle is a manufacturer of castings and provider of the relevant ancillary services in machine, special purpose machine and automobile construction.

We manufacture prototypes and individual parts as well as repeat and series parts using sector and customer-specific materials and alloys. We deliver large, complex casts ‘down to a t’. That means: Our work begins as soon as the customer requires it, so that we produce exactly the piece that they need at exactly the right time. Perfectly executed - right the first time -, so that it can be added to the project at the optimal moment. Here, you will only encounter informed contact partners who will process your queries in a specialist competent way and pass them on accordingly. Collaboration with our customers goes through well planned, reproducible and transparent processes - ideal conditions to deal with the original content of our work. What we work on is decided by both us and our customers - we set the standards that their requirements can be measured against.



Model Construction


Quality Assurance



Our consultation begins at the product development stage.

With the experience and expertise of our employees, we support you with the processing of innovative solutions. You receive order-related technical casting instructions and tests. When preparing the work, we use the most modern CAD systems plus simulation tools such as material flow, solidification and stress analysis. We have been passionate about iron casting for over one hundred and fifty years and have offered new possibilities again and again for technical development. Because we review the process chain as a whole, we can develop ideas that meet the goals and expectations of our clients ‘to a t’. The competent consultation we offer is the basis for the quality of our work.

  • Materials Consulting
  • Construction Consulting
  • Current, solidification and voltage simulations
  • Reconstruction of welded parts as casting components

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Betriebsleiter . Plant Manager

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