Large casting for machine construction

The machine construction industry demands both quality conformity and consistently high quality castings.

For machine and system construction, Römheld & Moelle produces cast components of up to 11 metres in length, 5 metres in width and 5 metres high with unit weights of between 1 t and 38 t - for presses, boring mills, machining centres, die machines, crushers, mills, plastic injection moulding machines, casting machines, and ship propulsion.

We have the technical equipment, as well as the manufacturing and material confidence, to quickly and punctually deliver products of the highest quality. Good collaboration with our clients during the planning and developing phases makes it possible for a project to be carried out smoothly so that a qualitatively faultless product is issued precisely and reliably. We produce demanding, complex full-mould castings for large casts in a turnaround time and quality that we are very proud of - and we are continuously working on this. Continuous optimisation of our working processes and components are part of this process, as are research and development in the areas of lightweight construction, material engineering, construction and production processes, with which we contribute substantially to the innovative success of our machine construction customers.

Machine Construction Workflow

Cast components for the machine construction industry require thoroughly planned-out and controlled production. Each cast component must meet the quality requirements of the customer straightaway. Römheld & Moelle has accumulated the relevant expertise so that even single orders can be delivered reliably and on time. This has made us a recognised partner in the mechanical engineering and industrial sectors for decades.

Römheld & Moelle manufacture moulds and moulding dies for the automobile industry. We deliver prototypes, individual components and smallest series from a single source - always quickly, on time and of the highest quality, because our consultation and support covers the entire process chain, from construction and material aspects to casting and production technology. This way, we can guarantee perfect results from the very start, as we have been doing for over 150 years.

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