In April 2016 the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, a foundation promoting science and learning in Germany awarded Römheld & Moelle the seal of quality “Innovative through research and development”.

For manufacturing large manually shaped castings in the weight range between about 1 t and 280 t, the current practice is to use mainly resin-bonded moulding material systems, for example based on furan and phenolic resins. These moulding material systems, while characterized by very good technical properties, are critical in terms of occupational safety, health protection, and environmental protection and odour emissions. Although these binder systems are used today on orders of magnitude between 0.8 and 2% in the moulding material, their processing, casting and reprocessing or disposal of the used sands result in some cases in considerable problems due to harmful components.

Jointly with some large customers, Römheld & Moelle addresses the development subject "Machine hammered peening of cast iron", also called "Pounding of cast iron surfaces".
This production process is continuously gaining importance and is increasingly used by more and more companies in tool making because it represents a minimized effort for the processing of cast iron surfaces that come in contact with the sheet metal when the tool is used.