Setting standards

By optimally linking the individual stages of the process, we get perfect results in just a short time, from first planning to the finished product.

  1. Development.

    We provide our customers with technical casting instructions and tests as early as the planning stages. This is the basis for a perfect end result.

  2. Pattern construction.

    With the help of high-performance NC milling machines, we ensure pattern buy-off in just a few days in most cases.

  3. Cast preparation.

    Individual moulding and technical casting planning is a prerequisite for a cast that is meeting its specification. Experienced specialists and the most modern methods ensure that this is the case.

  4. Casting process.

    For casting capacities of up to 2500 t per month, we can produce components from 1 t to 60 t unit weight.

  5. Quality Assurance.

    Using the most modern measuring equipment and tests, the quality of components is ensured for the whole production process without any gaps.

  6. Finishing.

    Before the final completion of a component with customer-specific grounding, we complete an individual surface post-treatment, during which the adhesions from the moulding process are completely removed.