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Machine Tool Castings

For the machine tool industry, Römheld & Moelle produces large castings of up to 11m length, 5m width, and 5m height in full mold casting.

Tool Casting

Our full mold casting is the first choice in large automotive tool making, whether for series or prototype tools.


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Anyone can cast? We don’t think so! We at Römheld & Moelle, we believe in our experience of one and a half centuries in the practice of iron casting. Our speciality are tool castings, as well as large casts for machine tool castings. For you, we manufacture forming tools that are used in the automotive industry, as well as components for machine tools; these are mainly prototypes and individual parts. We offer inhouse pattern and casting production from one source and, above all, quick, punctual, and of highest quality standard. We offer you a completely controlled process chain, including the design, material, as well as casting and production technology.

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Industries of Large Castings

Römheld & Moelle is a manufacturer of large castings for the machine tool, and automotive industries, as well as for the shipbuilding industry, and water sector.

We supply individual parts, as well as small series of large castings for the general and plant engineering sector. Castings start from one ton to up to 38 tons in unit weight, and can reach up to eleven meters in length. We use the full mold casting process, which guarantees high speed and flexibility in production, as well as makes possible geometries that would not be possible in the hollow molding process.

Our services include material and design consultancy, component optimization, casting technology simulation calculations, and pattern production.

Machine Tool Castings for

Machining Centres, Large Milling Machines, Boring Mills

Presses, Die Casting Machines, Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Large Valves

Lathes, Mills, Machine Tools

We offer castings of highest quality for large tool-construction, especially within the automotive sector. For example, the European automotive industry purchases from our company the construction parts for their forming tools. We therefore offer the toolmaking industry a full and convenient full service from a single source. Starting with engineering consultation, to pattern creation, up to foundry production using our full mold casting process. We offer lead times that are as short as possible! There is a reason why the castings for the OP20, the most difficult forming operation in the press shop, are usually supplied by Römheld & Moelle.

We offer lead times that are as short as possible! More information about tool castings.