Fully automatic charging and inductive melting

Material Qualities
Homogeneous, Reliable, and Repeatable

Our experience and our modern technical equipment enable us to manufacture in a wide range of material variants or alloys.

With Casting capacities of up to 2,500 tons per month, we can produce components from one ton to 38 tons in unit weight.

Within an area of over 6,000 square meters, we manufacture Casting molds using the cold resin process. Our foundry is characterized by an efficient, modern hand-molding shop, which produces prototypes and individual parts using the Full Molding process based on polystyrene models. Our different molding boxes measure up to 6.5 x 3 metres and 5 x 4.2 metres respectively, and the mold pits up to 25 x 3.5 metres.

This enables us to cast even very large components according to your wishes. Our modern bridge cranes transport individual loads of up to 100 tons. We are committed to your large Castings and are happy to work in multi-shift operations. This guarantees us high productivity and short throughput times.

Clean and Efficient

Tandem electric melting store for large Castings

A modern tandem electric melt shop with nine megawatts of electrical power supplies can melt liquid iron for components of up to 38 tons unit weight in various material qualities: Cast iron with lamellar graphite (DIN EN 1561), Cast iron with spheroidal graphite (DIN EN 1563).

Industry-specific or customer-specific material variants and alloys are often an integral part of our production already; in any case, we are pleased to meet your special requirements. For example, special requirements for special Machine Tool, shipbuilding, or tool and mold making.



Cast iron with lamellar graphite,
DIN EN 1561


Cast iron with nodular graphite,
DIN EN 1563

Prototypes, Single Parts, and Small Series

Polystyrene Models in Full-Mold or Hollow-Mold Process

Direct Mold production by Sand Printing or Mold Milling

Topology Optimizations

Heat Treatment

Mechanical Milling

Component Weights from One Ton to 38 Tons (Heavier on Request)

Component Dimensions up to eleven meters long, five meters wide, and five meters high (Larger upon Request)