Precise and Efficient

We Build a Set of Patterns in a few Days for the Full Mold Process and for Demolding

As casting experts, we provide you with important casting technology checks and advice as early as in the planning phase. This creates the basis for a perfect result.

We produce our casting models from polystyrene blocks for the Full Molding process as well as for demolding. We work precisely and efficiently with powerful NC-milling machines. Your pattern equipment is ready for use within a few days.

If later modifications and optimizations are necessary, we can easily take them into account during the production process. The data-based conversion of the CAD-solid to an NC-milled model eliminates the need for a model acceptance. Thus, changes can be implemented effectively and efficiently.


Prototypes and Components in no Time at all

We use powerful CAD/CAM-systems such as Catia and HyperMill, and we have many years of experience in handling SOLID-data.

Our workflow enables a smooth exchange. For complex tasks, we can quickly prepare a wide variety of data. For example, we can convert your 2D-drawing into 3D-data. With rapid prototyping, we can thus move quickly from the constructive draft to the real component. We can also produce spare parts for you in the shortest time possible.