Economic and Holistic

Humane Cooperation in the best tradition of a family business

For us, operative success is not only measured by key company indicators, as success can only be achieved through value-based deeds. Therefore, we at Römheld & Moelle feel obliged to act responsibly, and to consider the interests of our employees, business partners, shareholders, the general society, as well as the environment. In a nutshell: We support a humane and safe way of collaboration in the best tradition of a family business.

More than 135 years ago, our founder, Julius Römheld, already cared for the occupational safety and health protection of his employees, as he co-founded the Süddeutsche Eisen- und Stahl Berufsgenossenschaft in 1884.

This remains our obligation until today: to create good, attractive, and secure job opportunities, and to declare social responsibility.

We Live by our Values

At Römheld & Moelle we Rely on our Values for a Long-Term Success

Our continuously developed integrated management system covers areas of quality, environment, energy, and occupational safety, and enables us to live by our values every day. The system consists of a collection of practice-oriented documents, such as directories, instructions, process descriptions, notices, agreements, and checklists. These are accessible online to all employees and are always kept up-to-date. The key lies in continuous and dynamic development, not in static definition.

In this sense, we offer our customers products that are manufactured according to the latest state of the art, and in the best quality available. For us, product quality not only includes product characteristics and delivery reliability, but also environmental friendliness throughout the product’s entire life cycle – be it in their design, procurement, production, use, or recycling.

We are committed to complying with government laws and internal regulations. However, compliance for us also means acting with integrity, and pertaining the position of a role model, as well as integrating this integrity into our production processes in order to prevent misconduct. We expect this from our employees as well as from our suppliers, as the basis for our sustainable business activities.

Quality and Process Control

Reliability and Transparency

Innovative Spirit

Environmental Awareness and
Sustainable Management

Customer Satisfaction

Integrity and Responsibility for Workforce and Society