We want to offer you competitive castings of first-class quality. But not at any cost.

The carbon footprint of our castings is important. It shows the environmental cost of our production. We want to continuously reduce these and demonstrate that the European foundry industry has a future beyond the energy transition – and can make a contribution in the fight against the climate catastrophe.

That’s why we are now showing not just the price but also the carbon footprint of our castings on all offers and order documents, starting immediately.

We want our customers to choose us for good reason. The carbon footprint quantifies one of the many good reasons to go for Römheld & Moelle. It gives you, our customers, a powerful argument – and, in the long term – a competitive advantage in your supply chains.

The carbon footprint stated in our quotes is calculated using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol accounting standard and includes all emissions from scopes 1 and 2 of the iron foundry.

We act, while others are still talking

Disclosing our production emissions openly also serves as an incentive for us. We work hard to reduce the footprint of our castings. Thanks to the early conversion to electric melting, we can steadily reduce our emissions profile by purchasing green electricity.

In 2022, 12% of the total emissions are attributable to direct emissions from combustion processes and volatile gases (Scope 1) and 88% to indirect emissions from the purchased energy and the electricity used to melt the metal feedstocks (Scope 2). As early as next year we will have switched to 100% green electricity. From 2023, our carbon footprint will be reduced again by almost 90% compared to this year.

With this transparency, we hope to create early awareness of the footprint of our products and the impact that supply chains have on our climate. In the long term, we are working towards ensuring that the issue of emissions caused by production becomes at least as important as price – in purchasing decisions throughout the supply chain.

The big car manufacturers and their „Tier 1“ suppliers – they all talk about sustainability and decarbonisation. As a relatively small supplier, we decided to act. And to show what is possible.

We hope that the market and regulatory authorities will move to support this direction and ensure that „dirty“ foundry operations will soon become completely uneconomical. We are ready.