Römheld & Moelle is presenting a new casting process at CastForge in Stuttgart (Hall 5, Stand 5A39). It combines the quality of permanent pattern casting with the lead times, design freedom and cost advantages of full-mould casting.

Römheld & Moelle developed the process in-house to expand the possibilities of full-mould casting and to make ist advantages available for applications that were previously only possible with permanent patterns and were associated with higher costs.

The team has developed a pattern foam and new combinations of moulding material, sprue system and black wash, enabling it to produce completely residue-free cast parts using the full-mould process. The result is ClearCast and will be presented for the first time at CastForge in Stuttgart.

Lost pattern, gained quality

The ClearCast process is based on a lost pattern, which results in a number of advantages over the permanent pattern without having to compromise on quality or precision:
  • Cost benefits: By reducing pattern costs and through process-related optimizations in core production and molding compared to permanent, wooden patterns, ClearCast offers the potential to be three times cheaper.
  • Time benefits: The rapid processing times of the newly developed process enable a finished cast part to be produced within a few weeks. Compared to permanent pattern casting, order processing can be reduced by up to 6 weeks.
  • Design freedom: With ClearCast, there are almost no limits to design freedom. Undercuts that cannot be realized with a permanent pattern are no problem for ClearCast.
  • Design changes anytime: ClearCast in combination with CAM-based pattern making enables the component to be changed and optimized after each casting.

A breakthrough for makers of special machines

Clear applications for ClearCast are iron castings where high demands are placed on the surface quality and where several sides need to be machined to size. This is particularly good news for manufacturers of special machines, machines in small series or with customization.

In addition, ClearCast is a great method for the production of spare parts, retrofit components and prototypes – wherever flexibility, speed and precision are required.

Rudi Riedel, Managing Director at Römheld & Moelle, explains: “Mechanical engineering is our bread and butter business, but many of our customers cling passionately to the permanent pattern process (and usually with good reason). With ClearCast, we can finally offer them a casting process that combines the best of two worlds: the creative freedom and speed of the full-mould process and the surface quality of the permanent pattern process. What does that mean? It means saving material, time and money without compromising on quality.”

ClearCast will be officially presented at CastForge 2024 in Stuttgart (in Hall 5, Stand 5A39), and is available now.