Finally, mechanical engineering is booming again, and suppliers can hardly keep up with the high demand. At the request of many of our customers, we are now pleased to be able to offer expanded capacities for iron casting in the hollow mold process with patterns made of wood, plastic, or metal models.

In addition to individual castings in the full molding process, we are also happy to use your permanent patterns to produce complex dimensionally accurate castings in small and medium series for industries such as press construction, machine tools, injection molding machines, die casting machines, mill construction, as well as large castings for the areas of gear construction, drive technology, pumps, compressors, and turbines.

With quantities of 50 – 200 pieces per year and casting weights of 1t to 10t, our machine construction department can manufacture with the hollow molding process up to dimensions of 3,000 x 2,500 mm (L x W) in gray cast iron and nodular cast iron materials (EN-GJL and EN-GJS). Furthermore we can also carry out the machining.

As usual, you can rely on our short lead times. Our comprehensive quality service compliments our offering.