Römheld & Moelle defines itself not only as an iron foundry, but additionally as a section in a complex value-added chain. Depending on customer requirements, R&M can offer other services for automotive toolmaking and general engineering in addition to large castings, from the initial product idea to the pre-machined casting. Our customers decide for themselves where they need support, where R&M’s work begins and where it ends. This new approach has been made possible by expanding the scope of our services during recent months. More and new services at R&M
  • Support during the Product Development Process
  • Use of Knock Casting, Integration of Cooling Tubes and Topology Optimization of Cast Components
  • Technical Casting Design Consultation
  • Seminars on Casting Design for Construction
  • Casting and Solidification Simulation
  • Model Creation
  • Casting of Materials EN-JS and EN-JL
  • Machining of Castings (Base, Five Sides or Contour Machining)
  • Optical Measuring Systems Enable Digital Model Acceptance Processes. Castings Can also Be Measured in 3-D to Create a Digital Twin
  • Procurement of Steel Castings.
Here at R&M, a perfect service offering also includes one hundred percent reliable processes, ensuring smooth product flows and fixed delivery dates. By revising our processes, such as investing in a new semi-automatic coating and drying system that significantly reduces the amount of finishing required for castings, and by implementing several lean projects, R&M has once again been able to streamline lead times considerably over the past twelve months. For example, outer skin and structural part moulds, both for prototypes and production moulds – including pattern making, can often be ready for delivery within three weeks. This is why R&M – unlike most foundries – can quote a specific shipping date, not just the week of shipment. Don’t think so? See our actual delivery reliability live in the new dashboard on our website. In real time!