We at Römheld & Moelle believe that customer orientation and transparent processes are two of the most important keys to being successful and competitive as a foundry. In a challenging market environment for foundries, we as a manufacturer of large castings have been able to maintain our position this year against the negative trend in the foundry industry. Certainly, there are several reasons for this: One aspect is our pride in fulfilling what we promise our customers even in times of crisis. At R&M, we attach particular importance to product quality, very short lead times, delivery reliability and multiple communication options for customer concerns.

Many other manufacturers may also claim to live up to these values – at R&M, however, we have decided to go one step further, using the opportunities offered by digitization to prove our reliability. Therefore, we show the status of all current casting orders – in real time – 24/7 – on our new website. We publish the statistics of our average lead times in the various weight classes of castings over the past six months. We also publish the statistics of punctual and delayed deliveries over the past eight months. This data is accessible at any time in a clearly arranged dashboard.

As the next step of this development, our customers will be able to retrieve even more information concerning their orders, each having their own personal customer access to the dashboard. „We think that the current figures on delivery times and delivery reliability are already impressive. With the new dashboard, we want to become much more transparent for our customers and prove that we are getting a little better every day,“ says Managing Director Rudi Riedel.

Overall, the website has now been designed to be much more customer-oriented and intuitive. In addition to the dashboard, it also contains more details about R&M products and services. The company also gives more space to its values and concrete ideas for sustainable business. Regular news and specialist articles are intended to provide information on the extent to which even a 160-year-old company can adapt to current and changing customer needs. The new responsive design of the website ensures that visitors can easily access all new information using a wide variety of devices. The contact options for customers and interested parties have been greatly expanded. Our multi-lingual staff contacts are clearly listed.

„Our customers will feel the positive energy emanating from our enthusiastic staff at R&M, whether in sales, advice on materials, cast-iron design, pattern making, production or quality assurance,“ says Riedel. „The good feeling of smooth processes is transferred and makes the current, often demanding, daily routine easier for everyone. You can rely on Römheld & Moelle.“