In its long company history, Römheld & Moelle has experienced and successfully overcame many crises. Even a traditional iron foundry is not immune to the modern upheavals in the automotive industry and the effects of the pandemic. In order to overcome the economic downturn, the specialist iron foundry for large and full-mould casting has now chosen an employee-friendly approach and can therefore refrain from measures such as capacity reductions or relocation. R&M aspires to continue its mission to offer „quality castings from Mainz“ and trusts in the local advantages of producing in a metropolitan region in the middle of Germany. At the beginning of May 2020, the management and the commission of employees therefore agreed on a collective bargaining agreement to safeguard the future, which was also approved by a large majority of employees.

The parties agreed that this collective agreement would make a significant contribution to securing the location of Römheld & Moelle Eisengießerei GmbH in Mainz and, at the same time, secure jobs. The wage savings agreed in the process not only apply to employees covered by the collective bargaining agreement but also to employees not covered by such agreements, and the management agreed to accept a wage reduction of equal value. In return, the company ruled out any dismissals for operational reasons during the term of the agreement and declared its commitment to remaining within the collective bargaining agreement.

In addition, employees and management are now discussing a concept for the future with which the long history of the company can be successfully continued.